Striving to achieve an ambition, target, or goal can be an uphill task without the right incentives. We help our clients motivate colleagues of all skills and abilities, to clearly set out and explain why, and how, something needs to be done… and we enable them to recognise a job well done. 


For over five years we’ve worked with Rentokil Initial’s comms team to help promote and encourage colleagues worldwide to participate in their annual ‘Your Voice Counts’ campaign. Through ‘Your Voice Counts’, colleagues help mould the future direction of the business in areas such as health & safety, innovation, vision and values, and colleague motivation. The YVC campaign is just one of the ways Rentokil Initial is fast becoming a world-class Employer of Choice.

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With years of extensive colleague engagement backed by the determination to be a world-class Employer of Choice, ‘You Are the Brand’ continues to endorse Rentokil Initial’s claim that they employ the RIGHT people to do the RIGHT things in the RIGHT way.



SDL believes every employee plays a vital role in helping the business achieve its vision to establish a One SDL culture, something that was proving difficult to achieve as the workforce was spread out geographically and, because of how the company had grown, colleagues tended to view themselves in terms of their job function rather than working for SDL as a whole.

We were producing a monthly e-zine for SDL and noticed when regularly visiting the UK headquarters that an SDL-branded stress toy was popular with all colleagues across the business. We proposed SDL use the stress toy, who we nicknamed ‘Buddy’, as the iconic focal point for a campaign we devised to unify all colleagues behind One SDL. The campaign was cheeky and fun, which reflected SDL’s confident, relaxed nature as a company, and was instrumental in changing the way employees thought about their roles, their colleagues across the business, and their relationship with SDL. 

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‘Why you’re vital to our organisation’ was a campaign we worked on with De La Rue, the UK-based, global producer of banknotes, stamps and passports. Referencing the fact that humans need vital organs to function, the campaign showed graphically that without the vital qualities of its employees, De La Rue would be significantly less capable. The suite of collateral we created would later be used by De La Rue’s Learning and Development team to promote its management courses.

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Developing a team culture in a large organisation is never easy, and it’s made even more difficult if employees are located across the world. We were asked by Heinz to increase participation in its PREMIER employee scheme and the teaser poster campaign we devised and created in nine languages increased employee participation exponentially.

Posters that made up part of the collateral for The Heinz Marketing Academy’s ‘Premier Awards’ campaign.

Posters that made up part of the collateral for The Heinz Marketing Academy’s ‘Premier Awards’ campaign.