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Acting responsibly

Environmental practice

The Red Bridge Consultancy is committed to being an environmentally sustainable company and we seek to lower our carbon footprint wherever possible. We do this through a combination of the following factors:


  • Reducing the paper and materials we use
  • Use of recycled or renewable products where possible
  • Through the use of remote/virtual working
  • Use of energy saving equipment, software and appliances
  • Reducing travel where possible (although not to the detriment of our client service!)








Equal Opportunities and Disability


The Red Bridge Consultancy is an equal opportunities employer in all aspects of employment, including recruitment and promotion. We provide guidance and encouragement to employees at all levels to act fairly and prevent discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, marital status, disability as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, part-time and fixed term contract status, age, sexual orientation or religion.